Historians: As obsolete as the VCR?

How will the role of a historian change with the abundance of information in our digital world? As hard as it will be for historians to share the growing pool of information with non-historian people, I think that the role of a historian will ultimately always be valued. Historians will still continue to publish in reputable peer reviewed, academic journals; something that would be hard for non-historians to do. Historians will also possess the academic training that amateurs lack, and most importantly, let’s not forget about all the things civilization has amassed over the centuries. We still need specially trained people to take care of artifacts and interpret old documents and letters, among countless other things. Continue reading


Film Review: Les Misérables

lesI saw Les Misérables and really enjoyed it. I haven’t seen the theatre production so I’m sure that this is one the reasons I’m probably not as critical of the film as theatre buffs seem to be. The story largely follows former criminal Jean Valjean as he evades capture from inspector Javert, merging a tale of tragedy, revolution and love into one musical. Continue reading