Chateau Versailles, or, My Favorite Place Anywhere

VerPeople say that Disney World is the happiest place in the world but I would argue that it is the Chateau Versailles. Yes, I suppose the label of “happiest place in the world” is a pretty subjective one and one that would vary depending on who you asked and when (Revolution, anyone?). Continue reading


“Good Business is the Best Art” – Some Thoughts on Pop Life

On 11 June 2010, Ottawa’s National Gallery opened their new special exhibit called Pop Life. The exhibit originally came from the Tate Modern and before it opened at the National Gallery, a lot of people said that parts of the exhibit were quite controversial. I had heard before going that certain galleries would be for guests “18 and over” because of some sexual themes, but really just assumed that the so-called controversial aspects of the exhibit were exaggerated, as many things these days tend to be. In the weeks leading up to the opening of Pop Life, the Ottawa Citizen published a series of articles on the exhibit, including one about whether the exhibit was appropriate for children. Well, this just made me even more curious about the exhibit, as I’m certain it did many other potential museum-goers, which may have been the goal. Continue reading

A Foray into Board Games of the Past

A large part of my summer internship at the Canadian Children’s Museum at the Canadian Museum of Civilization involved me researching artifacts from the museum’s collection and putting them online, making them accessible to museum-goers. I tried to choose items that were relevant to every generation and meaningful to the average Canadian, a task that proved to be very interesting. My first solo foray into the museum’s collections storage was a little intimidating, as it is housed in a gigantic room located in the basement of the building. I headed down and was sure to bring my building pass so I could swipe into the collection room, and to also avoid being trapped in a stairwell, as the card is needed to open all doors to exit the stairwell (I always kept my pass clipped to my pocket to prevent such debacles from occurring). Continue reading