Chateau Versailles, or, My Favorite Place Anywhere

VerPeople say that Disney World is the happiest place in the world but I would argue that it is the Chateau Versailles. Yes, I suppose the label of “happiest place in the world” is a pretty subjective one and one that would vary depending on who you asked and when (Revolution, anyone?). Continue reading


The Journal of Hélène Berr

As a student I spent a great deal of time focusing on Holocaust studies and in my spare time, I’ve read countless biographies and books about WWII and the Holocaust. One of my preferred genres within the larger WWII genre are war diaries, and in particular, diaries from Jews who experienced the Holocaust.Helene Berr

The funny thing is, I actually stumbled across the Journal of Hélène Berr a couple years ago when I was in Ottawa. I was browsing the sale history books (you can seriously find so many non-fiction gems in this section!) and came across the journal, purchased it, and then proceeded to let it sit on my bookshelf for two years. Flash forward to this year’s Holocaust Education Week when I recognized the name Hélène Berr in one of the programs and was inspired to do a little Google investigating. Continue reading